Longonot Education Initiative develops and supports sustainable education opportunities for children in Kenya, working with schools, orphanages, and other organizations



Identity, Design Strategy


Longonot Education Initiative

The mission at the Longonot Education Initiative is to develop and support sustainable education opportunities for children in Kenya. Working with schools, orphanages, and other organizations that provide support to vulnerable children of all ages—emphasizing sustainable projects that are maintained and governed by the community in an effort to help create both creative and self-sufficient development solutions. Fundamentally, they believe the best practice is working with, not for, the communities we support. They also believe in a holistic approach to education development—encompassing health, nutrition, and safe living-environments in addition to teachers, schools, and supplies. Happy and healthy children have the best chance to succeed in school and life!

As Longonot grows, its need for funding becomes larger. As the new member and Design Lead for LEI, my goal is to take their brand to the next level by helping them get the word out to potential funders and supporters. By developing a new website, new print and web campaign materials and collateral, defining their philosophies and also creating a more cohesive image as a whole, the goal is for LEI  to continue supporting education opportunities in Kenya by focusing on what matters most.

The logo’s tree was designed to represent the growth of a child reading under the protection of the program. It also uses its color and graphic elements inside the tree to depict the idea of the sun rising above the mountains of Kenya to the start of a new day; a new opportunity for a child to learn, and for him to develop.