Developing a design-driven strategy for ICA, Sweden’s largest and most cherished grocery retailer; preparing the company for a digital future while keeping customer value and community at the heart.

ICA: Improving Customer Value In A Digital Future


Strategy Development, Business Design, User Experience


ICA Sweden

completed at

Gothenburg University | Master’s of Business and Design

in collaboration with

Laura Sotto, Davide Gianni, Julia Märak Leffler and Ronald Clays


Dating almost a century back, ICA is a well-established brand name among Swedish households and a profitable enterprise in a competitive market. ICA is founded on the so-called ICA Idea; allowing independent retailers to join forces to achieve economies of scales in purchasing, marketing, logistics etc. The independent retailers in turn own the corporation and their core values governs the operation; simplicity, entrepreneurship and commitment.


A major challenge for a strong incumbent players in grocery retail is to stay vigilant and agile in the face of radical changes in a world that is going increasingly digital. While this industry has been relatively slow in transforming their business into online offerings, experiences from other industries have shown that once radically new solutions start to emerge, change happens fast. To stay the leading retailer focused on food and meals, ICA needs to take the lead in this development.


This report below is a design driven strategy that leverages ICA’s already vast variety of private label products to increase brand loyalty, centralization and sustainability all within a non-compete structure. Using both design and business methods, over 4 weeks our group looked at how such a strategy could be implemented within ICA’s 3 year vision of moving into the digital grocery shopping market.  The proposed “ICA Onli” is the first stage, and focused more on the strategy and structure itself, rather than the service’s feature set.


Our strategy was presented to 4 of ICA’s core marketing team members with great enthusiasm. The presentation below highlights some of our insights into our research, on the methods we used to tackle this problem as well as the proposed service. The second half of the presentation was a live prototype where our group roleplayed our solution with a puppet show, outlining a customer’s journey through ICA Onli.